Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Immigrants Gather

Moonlight in the heat
Of the short summer evening
Fills the silent house

Slow motion, a car drives by
The "For Sale" sign in the yard

Freshly sprouting grass,
Green, with a touch of yellow,
And the Aries sun

By the banks of the river
Seven or eight Poplar trees

Slowly the leaves fall
Through the deepening coldness
A few birds remain

At the edge of the strip mall
That was once a small orchard

Two high school students
Sneak away from their classes
It is their first love

Though a light snow has fallen
They feel warm, safe, and secure

In the living room
Of their tiny pre-fab home
Immigrants gather

Celebrating a new life
As the Hawthorn tree blossoms

Swans are returning
To the small hidden valley
Far from the city

If you listen and are still
You can feel the cosmos turn

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