Monday, February 14, 2011


Penetrating cold
Some clouds in the afternoon
An airplane passes

Cars are coming and going
As the holidays draw near

Many people fear
Giving the incorrect gift,
Saying the wrong thing

"It's a misunderstanding,
I think this will lift your gloom."

They are in full bloom,
Cherry trees under the moon,
And a wind sung song

It doesn't take very long
To digitize what's been seen

January green,
A photoshoot in the lush
Overgrown garden

Across the street a few men
Shooting hoops, their weekend sport

Forget the report
Due on this Monday morning,
"I'll do it later."

Late at night is much better,
Distractions have disappeared

And now it is clear
As he looks into her eyes
That he has found love

While in the clear sky above
A flock of swans migrates south

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