Saturday, March 26, 2011


This morning I went on the internet
After a night of deep and restful sleep;
Checking the news only made me upset
As I felt the evening calm slowly creep

Away.  I know the world's full of problems,
I do not need the news to tell me so,
It's as if the world is filled with goblins
Intent on mischief wherever they go.

After many years I now understand
That there's something simple that I can do;
Though silence and stillness may not seem grand
They bring mercy to all, not just a few.

A moment of silence is a moment of grace,
A moment of stillness is the kindness of space.


Dan Gurney said...

Very nicely done, Jim. You handled the rhyme masterfully. I think many of us feel something like revulsion when "checking" the news.

I've been taking long media fasts to avoid nausea.

Jim714 said...

Thanks, Dan. I'm glad you enjoyed the sonnet. Media fasts are a good idea. I've been trying to set aside one day as a 'Sabbath' day and following traditional approaches like not getting in my car, not ansering the phone, and not going online. When I can do it really recharges me.


poemshape said...

Ask me and the political goings on, in this country, are more discouraging than any tsunami. Just decided to quit following politics. Too irritating. There's one party in this country I'll never vote for again. Ever. All I need to know is where the voting booth is.

Nice to see a Shakespearean Sonnet. :-)

Jim714 said...


Thanks for the feedback. I regret having voted in the last election. The U.S. is now involved in three military campaigns which it cannot afford either morally or materially. Either I won't vote at all next time, or I'll vote for a third party.

The Sonnet is such a rich form. I find taking a syllabic approach to the sonnet works well.