Monday, April 18, 2011

Apple Blossoms

Cool in the moring
A few leaves are still clinging
To a few branches

Is it Monday or Tuesday?
Days of retirement blend

Dry snowflakes falling,
Like white dust on the dry ground,
Scatter in the wind

As a stranger's car drives by
Exceeding the speed limit

While clucking her tongue
She disapproves of the way
Children act today

Opinions fill cyberspace
There's no time for calm or grace

A few grains of sand
Shifting at the river's edge
Ripple the surface

Sharp rays of intense sunlight
Sweat descends into the eyes

As she adds water
To her small garden fountain
In her small front yard

The shadow of her lover
Approaching with the full moon

Briefly the wind holds
The scent of apple blossoms,
The sound of an owl

"I knew you'd be here tonight."
Wave upon wave of silence

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