Monday, August 15, 2011

August Afternoon

August afternoon
They say it will get hotter
For the next few days

He takes his sunglasses with him;
The parking lot has no shade

The local grocer,
Apples under the awning,
With grapes and peaches

Some bees looking for flowers
Hover over the sweetness

Groupies stampeding
As the stage door bursts open,
And paparazzi

Sorting all her appointments
On her brand new palm pilot

The bus boy gathers
The cafe patrons' dishes
And the meager tips

"Fall is my favourtie season,"
She informs her companion

Under the full moon
Lovers talk of where they'll be
Fifty years from now

Purple and blue irises
Blooming in his May garden

Clouds form in the sky
Whlie birds descend to the trees;
A gathering storm

The November spring thunder
Permeates the homes and streets

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