Monday, October 17, 2011


Golden poplar leaves
Bright in the light of sunrise
In my neighbor's yard

New statues of ducks and quail
Clustered around the front door

Snails are hiding
Underneath the wooden steps
A long lost letter

"Let's talk about this some more,
Bring it out in the open."

Slipping on the ice
The small car comes to a stop
Next to a parked truck

"I can't rely on you,"
She returns the ring he gave her

The office lobby
Sun pouring in the windows
And afternoon heat

Next to the espresso stand
Six or seven apple trees

A few petals fall
On the coats of passersby
They don't seem to mind

The full moon between some clouds
Traversing the Aries sky

His recurring dream,
One that he looks forward to,
In the land of calm

A single angel standing
On a bridge across a stream

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