Wednesday, January 11, 2012


On the wooden fence
Snow has accumulated
During the long night

Guardian angels stand watch
Over all of the gardens

The smell of blossoms
From the numerous cherry trees,
Incense for the cosmos

Placed upon the boulder's moss
The light of the Aries sun

"I like what you've done
With your garden and your house.
It took a long time."

Fallen leaves form a design
That is hard to decipher

He tried to augur,
Using the Book of Changes,
What he should do next

"Have you ever felt perplexed,
So you had nothing to say?"

She puts it away,
The letter from her lover
Says that they are through

There's a saying that is true --
All meetings end in parting

It is comforting
On a warm summer evening
To pause and recall

The rising full moon enthralls
Us with its light and shadows


Brian said...

I love the variety and specific movement of verses that enriches renga. I am truly an "image-monger" at heart.

Jim, is there a book or other resource you would recommend for the solo renga practitioner?

Jim714 said...

Thanks for making this request. I had been thinking for a long time about how to share my renga experience. See my recent post on 'Renga Ramblings'.