Thursday, February 2, 2012


The dawn breaks swiftly,
Sunlight upon the cold ground,
After the long night

The first crew of the morning
At the insurance office

He makes three quick calls
To the girls he's been dating --
Saturday night plans

Strolling the paths of the park
Even in the steady heat

She waves to a friend
She hasn't seen since college,
They both have kids now

At the congested airport
Crowds are coming and going

Unnoticed fall leaves
Caught in the backpack straps
And the coat collar

Hiking in the wilderness
Under the November sky

Swiftly moving clouds
Casting shadows on the pond
A cautious deer drinks

The waxing first quarter moon
With Jupiter by its side

Seen through the branches
Of the blossoming plum tree
A neighbor's porch light

Traffic on the city streets
Slowly fades into silence


Brian said...

I've been meaning to get back here to tell you how superb I find this renga. Your poems are wonderfully image-driven and renga demands it. A perfect marriage.

Jim714 said...

Thanks for your kind comments.