Thursday, May 17, 2012

Sky River

A steady headache
It must be the endless heat
Day after long day

The Perfection of Patience
Is difficult to achieve

Dust from the mountain
Settles on the valley floor
And the constant wind

With the setting of the sun
The Rabbi reads Tehillum

The full moon rises
Above the city skyscape
Angels are watching

Tides of time upon the earth
Species appear and disappear

The temperature falls
Ice thick upon the window,
The silent T.V.

On the couch an open book
In your eyes a memory

They are holding hands
Just like thirty years ago
When they first dated

Plum and crocus are blooming
As shifting winds melt the snow

"Let's all take a break,"
Says the English Professor,
"Just a few minutes."

A heron watches the sky
On the surface of a stream

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