Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Changes and Possibilities

Dear Friends of Shaping Words:

As regular visitors to this blog must have noticed, my rate of posting for 2014 has been slight; especially if one compares it to previous years.  It is not that my interest in syllabics has waned.  It has more to do with not being clear as to the direction I want to take Shaping Words.  There are several possibilities.

Part of the decline in posting has to do with having said what I want to say in certain areas.  For example, regarding syllabic haiku in English, I have, for the most part, said what I wanted to say in defense of this type of haiku.  I don’t want to simply repeat myself.  This gets tiresome; both for me and for the visitors to the blog. 

 On the other hand, there are larger issues and perspectives on poetry today that I have not spoken to.  The challenge, though, at least for me, is how to express these views without sinking into the standard online rhetoric of snarky dismissals with those who have a different view.  It is a matter of balance and respect, which seems to be difficult to pull off online.

So I am considering several possibilities of refocusing.  My idea is that the change would be one of emphasis rather than of topic.  It is not clear to me, yet, how this will manifest, but by 2015 I think it should be clear.

Best wishes,




Brian said...

I have never seen anything less than "balance and respect" in any of your posts here, Jim. I look forward to what the future holds for readers of Shaping Words knowing it will be nothing less than interesting and though-provoking. Best, Brian

Jim714 said...

Thanks, Brian, for the vote of confidence.

Best wishes,