Friday, December 11, 2009


Across the valley
Snow blankets the highest hills --
December morning

The falling temperature
As clouds disperse in the sky

Her son waves goodbye
On his way to his friend's house
For serious play

Shooting hoopes in the driveway
On days when the weather's right

A cops' black-and-white
Slowly cruises by the house,
They received a call

"It's really nothing at all,
I thought that I saw someone."

In the small garden
Full moon shadows in the wind
Seem to come alive

Apple blossoms twist and dive,
A bluebird clings to a branch

She pauses, entranced,
The beauty of the moment
Caught her by surprise

Following numberless tries
The toddler takes his first steps

"I've a new concept,
It will make the living room
More comfortable."

He finds it agreeable
If it will make her happy

To have fresh iced tea
As opposed to turning on
Air conditioning

Everyone's restructuring
Their finance situation

The contributions
At the charity have dropped,
A cause for fear

As a bum of many years
Doesn't notice any change

In the subtle range
Of the colors of the leaves
On the maple trees

An enduring legacy
From someone who is long gone

A single pinyon
Beside the abandoned store
In the empty town

The perfect place the owl's found
To build a nest safe from harm

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