Tuesday, January 26, 2010


The full moon hovers
Just above the horizon
In the freezing air

Howling for a few minutes
A few dogs in the distance

With great insistence
They argue with each other
About politics

"I don't mean to contradict,
Then again, maybe I do."

Perhaps they are through,
Perhaps she will try again,
A refreshing wind

The apple tree, once again,
Tosses blossoms in the air

At the County Fair
Couples prance in the line dance
To a steady beat

In the early evening heat
Sipping tea and lemonade

His is still afraid
They won't be interested,
He maintains silence

Noting the correspondence,
Patterns of the earth and sky

As oak leaves defy
The deepening autumn cool
She closes a door

This hasn't happened before
A road that's unknown beckons

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