Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Mountain Lodge

Winter's not yet here
But I can feel it coming --
There is almost frost

Shadows vanish from the roof
Of my neighbor's small garage

She asks as he leaves,
"When will you be back tonight?"
The sound of the door

Ever anxious and fearful,
Seeing danger everywhere

Looking here and there
A deer, cautious and quiet,
Steps into the field

Coverd with yesterday's snow,
A cloudless sky overhead

Slow moving shadows,
Cast by the almost full moon,
By the frozen stream

Two lovers are whispering
Though no one else is around

The blooming plum tree
Remembers all of the words
Spoken beneath it

He opens a file he's kept
From when he was in college

On their summer vacation
Sort fragments and shards

On the ledge of the mountain
A pine tree and a boulder

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