Sunday, October 17, 2010

Post-Post Modernism

Wow! Post-modernism is all the rage,
The new intellectuals tell me so,
We're in a diff'rent time, a diff'rent age,
What we thought before we no longer know

For certain. They are very sure of this
Which makes it easy to discard the past,
To see old views as dull and to dismiss
Them in complex, verbose, jargon-ridden, obfuscating, unreadable treatises whose excessive, ponderous and prolix dullness is unique and unsurpassed.

This chronocentric view is nothing new
(What age has not had it to some degree?),
But in spite of post-modernism's spew
I'll take a stand on real eternity.

There exists a wisdom that transcends time;
It exists before creation; it is sublime.

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