Thursday, February 7, 2013


The furnace turns on
Full moon light through the window
And the brown dry leaves

They slowly draw the curtains
As a prelude to a kiss

The heat is rising,
The air is thick and muggy,
The sun is too bright

Lazy January days
A good time for a novel

As heavy snow falls
On a Monday afternoon
With the kids at school

She opens the internet
Visiting her favorite sites

What is a feeling?
What is the nature of thought?
Where do dreams come from?

Spring, summer, autumn, winter,
Dawn and day and dusk and night

He checks his calendar,
"Let's plan the meeting for spring?
Will that work for you?"

Three plum trees full of blossoms
In the office courtyard

While eating her lunch
She thinks about her sister
Who lives far away

Overhead a plane flies by
Headed for places unknown

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