Thursday, May 30, 2013

Afternoon Pause

An afternoon pause
Over a cup of hot tea
In the cool spring breeze

Petals drift through the doorway
Onto the bookstore's carpet

Under the table,
Taking an extended nap,
The eight-year old cat

"Could you cut the lawn today?
The grass is getting too long."

The flies are buzzing
Over the freshly killed corpse
Of a garden mole

In the dust by the oak tree
Leaf-filtered rays of sunlight

Glare from the window
Of a passing S.U.V.
Harsh upon the eyes

Of the two lovers walking
Silently, and hand in hand

In the full moon's light
Across the old wooden bridge
Through the gusts of wind

The Big Dipper slowly turns
Around the North Star's pivot

As the falling snow
Comes to rest on the branches
And on the windows

She offers her sister toast
While they talk of family news

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