Saturday, July 27, 2013


Dream warnings
And images
Vanish with the sun
The day has just begun
I turn to the day's tasks
It's a housecleaning day
Which I find satisfying
Cleaning all of the dishes
Running the washer and dryer
Hanging up the clothes in order
Outside I trim the garden border
In the late afternoon it's time for tea
A voice from the dream realm returns to me,

"All of these things, ev'rything that you see,
Resembles the sand cast up from the sea,
Shifting, changing, without stability,
Like smoke in the air, leaves falling from a tree,
This is their inevitable destiny,
They will soon be gone even from memory;
But there is one thing which never disappears,
It transcends all our sorrows, transcends all our fears,
Finding this realm means the cessation of all tears;
It is accessed through the door of the infinite heart,
Turning to the formless is how we begin, how we start,
It is the path of beauty from which we must not depart,
It is found in the stillness at the center of the storm,
It is found in the silence before anything was formed,
Before there was light, before there was night, before any thing,
There exists the grace-filled song of silence that eternity sings."

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