Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Long Song

Long Song

Early September
Under a sky without clouds
A field of dry grass

The heat of the afternoon,
I should be doing something

A plane is passing
Almost at the horizon
Where the hills begin

There is a path that is thin
And narrow; a few use it

“I prefer diets
That are not too restrictive,
One I can live with.”

Studying the ways of thrift
He balances his checkbook

Then he takes a look
At the tulips around him
At the city park

A doorway into the past
Where all our fears have decayed

Free from all dismay
Besides the frozen river
A fox stops to gaze

At two lovers both unfazed
By the inclement weather

It seems forever,
Rain has fallen all month long
And now the clouds part

Above the abandoned mart
A full moon that’s extra bright

And then there’s the sight
Of numberless autumn leaves
Swept up by a breeze

She is tense and ill-at-ease
From a weird, disturbing dream

Things aren’t what they seem,
Nothing on this earth will last,
Scattered by time’s blast

Things vanish into the past
Echoes that we can’t recall

But before they fall
Apple blossoms in the dawn
In the open field

A steady wind has revealed
The touch of eternity’s song

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