Sunday, September 1, 2013

Sogi Day for 2013


Today is Sogi day; the anniversary of Sogi's passing.  Sogi is my favorite Japanese poet. He was a Renga Master, meaning he not only participated in Renga, he also taught Renga.

For me Sogi is a particular inspiration.  Sogi wrote several solo Hyakuin (100 Verse) Renga.  Two of these have been translated and annotated.  It was the Hyakuin Solo Renga, 'Sogi Alone', written towards the end of Sogi's life, that inspired me to compose solo Renga.  One of the writing projects I referred to in my previous post is to pull these solo Renga together and, using print-on-demand technology, publish them.  I have discovered that I have written a large quantity of these over the years.  And it is all due to Sogi's influence.

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