Monday, November 30, 2009


November sunrise
When I took my morning walk
I saw the first frost

On the field by the river
Where the road comes to an end

Pathces of gray ice
Makes for hesitant walking,
And a steady wind

He struggles to explain why
The affair has reached an end

On Sunday morning
The reporters toss questions
To the Governor

About needed funding
To bring water to the fields

In a cloudless sky
The merciless sun shines bright
On farms turned to dust

"I think we will have to move.
My brother will take us in."

No moon in the sky,
And no shadows on the ground;
The earth in deep sleep

The deva in the garden
Conjures up a soothing song

A flock of sparrows
Among the apple blossoms
Patches of blue sky

She's feeling much better now
After talking with her friends

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