Friday, November 6, 2009

November Branches

At this time of year
The sun sets before dinner --
November branches

Clouds have evaporated
Dispersed into spaciousness

In the afternoon
He waters the potted plants
Under the hot sun

Near the shopping mall's new bank
A truck parks in a "compact" space

While a couple shops
(It's their weekly excursion)
They count their coupons

On the dining room table
A dinner of leftovers

"I really feel cold.
I'll put on one more sweater."
Ice on the windows

Casting fractal-like patterns
That change with the shifting light

Caught by the fountain
An evanescent rainbow
In the courthouse square

Dozens of people strolling
While a few sit on benches

The warmth of the wind
Causes the full moon to rise --
The Gemini sky

Magnolias blossoming
Even in our deepest dream

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