Saturday, November 28, 2009

A Night of Many Dreams

Thick low lying clouds
A slate gray extended dawn
Silent, with no wind

I put on two pairs of socks
Then begin making coffee

"Good morning," she says.
"Did you sleep soundly last night?
I had many dreams."

In the travel magazine
Stories of distant islands

Windows are open
Now that the snow has melted
Afternoons are warm

He is the first one this year
To see the apple blossoms

From the worn out road
(it's scheduled to be repaved)
Commuting to work

She cell-phones her closest friend,
"Stuck in traffic, in this heat!"

On the horizon
Clouds slowly accumulate
Over the forest

We tend not to notice change
When it happens step by step

He reads some stories
To his three year old daughter,
Her two favorites

Moonlight slips past the curtains
Under the door, down the stairs . . .

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