Friday, June 4, 2010

June Moon

The half full June moon
Hovering near Jupiter
And some satellites

Almost halfway through the year
More than halfway through my life

A family lunchoen
For Dad's eighty-fifth birthday
Laughter and stories

The watier has aching feet
From miles and miles of walking

Adding some new fish
To her aquarium
In her living room

Kites dancing in the clear sky
Each kid trying to fly higher

Parents check the time
(there's never enough of it)
Then dial their cell phones

A brief autumn breeze dies down
She turns her face to the sun

Golden in the light
The vase of yellow roses
On the oak table

As he shovels snow he says,
"Spring is my favorite season."

A cup of spiced chai
And some oven-warmed fruit cake
As the night deepens

An old woman sits knitting
Under the Milky Way

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