Tuesday, June 15, 2010

On Crackers

At times I think about some useless things;
For example, who invented crackers?
The crisp wafer has brought many blessings,
It's the perfect food for slackers
Like me who do not really like to cook.

When I'm in a hurry with lots to do,
No worries, I just check the shelf and look
For a box of crackers and start to chew
On the firm, flat, unleavened, lovely bread.

They're the perfect platform for cheese or jam,
The combination makes me feel well fed
And I can find them anywhere I am.

To whoever started crackers, I bow.
I think I'll have a few of them right now.


Dan Gurney said...

Light verse in sonnet form. Great! I've always associated the sonnet form with "serious" subjects. Crackers, I would guess, go back a long, long way, just about as far as the cultivation of grains for food. That would take them into prehistory, a bit farther than civilization and the records that would make their invention fall within the historical record.

Jim714 said...

Hi Dan,

I'm a big fan of light verse. Lately I've been reading a number of Sonnet Anthologies and one thing I've noticed is that the editors of the anthologies do not include humorous or light verse Sonnets. I think that's unfortunate because there are some really good Sonnets in a light verse vein.