Sunday, July 4, 2010

Choosing Memory

On the sunlit field
The first touch of brown appears
On the blades of grass

The sound of a dog scratching
At the fleas by its collar

Sorting through the bills,
Trying to prioritize,
Which one gets paid first?

Leaves lie thickly on the ground
After yesterday's windstorm

She asks her best friend,
"I don't like it when he shouts.
So, what would you do?"

A crack in a large boulder
Impercpetibly widens

It's filled with moonlight
In the frigid and clear air
Two friends walk briskly

T.G.I.F. at the bar,
Time for outrageous stories

(Or is it propaganda?)
With the morning news

The Senate didn't notice
But the plums bloomed anyway

Behind the houses,
Leading away from the town,
Lots of raccoon tracks

He chooses a memory
From the forest of his past


Dan Gurney said...

I love these Renga compositions!

Jim714 said...

Thank you for your kind post.