Sunday, July 11, 2010


We walk this earth.
We have
But a short time.
We resemble grasses;
Green in the spring,
Brown in the summer heat,
Withering in the winter wind.
Those who understand this
Put aside their useless quarrels.
The cosmos is unfathomably vast.
The human mind is very small.
An act of kindness is never wasted;
It is the gateway to the deathless and unborn,
It is the exultation of the heart.


Dan Gurney said...

I love this! May I have your permission to post it on my blog with, of course, a link to here?

Jim714 said...

Sure Dan. I'm glad you like it.


GregCicchino said...

Hi Jim,

My name is Greg Cicchino and I am organizing a concert with a choir called Choral Chameleon ( Would we be able to recite this piece for our concert on December 14th? We will of course add a link to your blog. Please respond to me at

Thank you.

Jim714 said...

Thank you, Greg, for wanting to use the poem at your concert. Please feel free.

Best wishes,