Friday, July 30, 2010

Tea Etheree 9

Black tea
With breakfast
Starts the day right.
A touch of bitter,
With its deep red color,
(The Chinese call it red tea)
Lifts my spirit like no other.
Now I'm ready for activity;
The day before me looks like a calm sea.


Dan Gurney said...

Lots of Etherees about tea. Lots of rhymes, too. Nice. Might be fun to have an "Etheread" at Many Rivers sometime. Invite people to write Etherees and share them.

Jim714 said...

Maybe in the Fall. I've thought of this myself. It's such a simple form I think it would be fun to teach. And because it doesn't have a long history there isn't the weight of tradition upon it or the precedent of some famous "Etheree Master" to compare one's own efforts to.

I was also thinking that one way of teaching would be to have everyone start with the same Line 1 (the one syllable word) and then see what the different results would be. For example, I could use the word "sky" or "spring" or "first" and then see how different people go from there. I think it would be fun to compare.

Thanks for the encouragement.