Friday, December 2, 2011


The sun rises late,
The days are brief, the air cold,
The solstice draws near

Hanukkah candles for sale
On display at the bookstore

There are more and more
Cards for every occsion
For all of our needs

A thought resembles a seed
In the garden of the heart

Plum blossoms restart
The cycle of the seasons
The cycle of time

Searching for the perfect rhyme
To mark the line and rhythm

The new axiom --
The professor finds its place
In the house of thought

All this work is not for naught
If we can share our journey

"You're good company,
Let's spend more time together,
After summer's through."

A correspondence ensues
Via nightly emails

As the moon sails,
Pacing its monthly phases,
Its light ebbs and grows

Autumn tells us what we know;
Space is vast and deep and kind

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