Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Dispersing Envy

A quiet morning
December stillness and cold
Fog upon the snow

Looking out the kitchen window
With her cup of breakfast tea

Some vitamin C
And some other supplements
Taken at each meal

He has begun to feel
That they are growing apart

With the wind they start
To scatter and disappear --
Apple blossoms fall

Outside of the new mall
Teenagers are gathering

The light of evening
Just after the sun has set
Lingers with the heat

The novice on her retreat
Recites the prayers for the Hour

There is a power
Silent and unobtrusive
Deep within the heart

"Let me help you with your cart,
That looks awfully heavy."

Dispersing envy
Through common acts of kindness
Recall where we are

With bare branches and the stars
The half-full October moon

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