Wednesday, December 26, 2012


Winter comes slowly
To coastal California --
Neighbor's Christmas lights

On the brand new wooden fence
Mysterious graffiti

She feels sympathy,
She has had the same problem
For several years

Light from the full moon appears
Duller in the city smog

Late at night he slogs
His way through an old novel
For English Lit.

While all his friends have seen fit
To play at the city pool

Some say "Love's a fool,"
But when they are holding hands
The world's coherent

The beauty is apparent
In the apple tree's blossoms

They are just customs;
Shaking hands, waving goodbye,
But there's comfort there

The calendar page declares
Scorpio has come and gone

"What's that other song,
(I can remember one verse)
We used to sing it?"

Fall leaves turn, they begin it,
And my hair is turning gray

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