Friday, December 14, 2012


The air, cold and still,
A light frost on the windows
Catching the sunrise

A long hug in the kitchen
After a long night of love

He reluctantly
Returns to the world of work,
The world of deadlines

Counting the days, weeks, and months
Leading to the vacation

She has decided
To reduce her commitments,
To spend time strolling

Among the many colors
Of the leaves in the crisp air

A possum scurries
Along a row of bushes
Next to the orchard

Where the rows of apple trees
Are blossoming in the wind

He pauses and looks,
Contemplating the beauty,
The soul of the world

A cloudless and moonless sky
And numberless scattered stars

The sound of crickets,
A chorus for the cosmos,
On this summer night

She wanders in the grotto
Of emptiness and dreams

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