Thursday, January 3, 2013



The dense morning mist
Moistens the leaves on the ground
And the feral cat

In the middle of the street
A bag of scattered groceries

Store windows display
The newest things we must have
To make us happy

Snow drifts from yesterday's storm
Shifting lines to gentle curves

Glittering moonlight
From a spacious, windless sky --
Slow moving shadows

Cool the day's intense heat
Electric fans on the floor

"This new computer,"
Talking to himself out loud,
"Makes some tasks simple."

Gliding above the houses
A red-tailed hawk banks to the right

She folds her laundry
While singing a song she heard
On the radio

Distant stars send their lightwaves
A rain of many colors

Four decades ago
(The nightscape hasn't changed much)
They met at this spot

The elderly apple tree
Will bloom for a few more years

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