Monday, January 14, 2013


Early evening calm;
Dry, cold fog, like a thin veil,
On the leafless oaks

The light of the waning moon
Comes from somewhere in the sky

She has no idea
Who invited her to join
The online forum

While on a June vacation
At the National Park

Away from the heat
Of city buildings and streets
And city traffic

He must answer the cell phone,
His boss expects it of him

A surprise exam,
The students who have studied
Feel vindicated

The weatherman said, "Clear skies,"
But thick snow is falling fast

Pedestrians wait
For the signal light to change
As a truck speeds by

Young lovers do not perceive
Anything but each other

When does dawn begin?
When is a question answered?
When did I first become old?

The first few cherry blossoms
Have opened to the wind


Dan Gurney said...

I love your Renga, Jim. Thank you for sharing them here at SW.

Jim714 said...

Good to hear from you, Dan. Thanks for the comment and support.