Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Welcome to 2013

Good Friends:

A short thank you post for all of you who have dropped by, read a post or two, and perhaps found something worthwhile.  A special thanks to the "Followers"; your presence is much appreciated.  An extra-special thanks to all those who have referred others to this tiny corner of the blogosphere; some of you have linked this blog from your blog, or referred others to this spot through different means.  Thanks for taking the time and effort.

I also appreciate those who have taken the time to send a response, either directly to the blog or through personal email.  Excellent comments and suggestions have been sent my way.  This blog is better for the comments I have received.

All of this made 2012 an enjoyable year for me, and hopefully for some readers, here at Shaping Words.  Many Thanks.

Onward to 2013!!!

Best wishes,


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