Wednesday, June 5, 2013


Evening clarity
After the heat of the day
The cool summer moon

Suspended at the zenith,
Above the small city park

She watches a cloud,
As its face shifts and changes,
Just like her feelings

Again the leaves are falling
Hesitantly, one by one

"Now we have to part,"
He speaks slowly, with regret.
"It didn't work out."

The dry creek waits for the rain
An angel waits for a prayer

Saturn shifting signs,
Equinoxes, Solstices,
Workdays and weekends

At the University
The Board makes some long-term plans

As the winter wind
Whistles against the windows
And bends the branches

My Aunt crochets complex squares,
She has plans for a new shawl

Inspired  by
The colors of plum blossoms
And the morning air

The couple with no children
Decides to adopt a child

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