Saturday, June 1, 2013

Some New Books


I'm having fun with the Createspace platform.  There are now available four collections by yours truly:

Lanterne Light
ISBN: 9781484880944

This book contains three collections:

Lanterne Light, a collection of Lanterne poems.
Destinations, a collection of Tetractys.
Skyscape, a collection of Cinquain.

A unique feature of this book is that at the end of each collection I have added melodies for the specific syllabic form.  These melodies can be used to sing the form that they apply to.  This allows readers to collect a number of poems in that form to create a song.  This can be done with the poems in 'Lanterne Light' or poems from other sources that are in the same form.


White Roses

This book contains three Haiku Sequences: Crossing the Golden Gate Bridge, Towards June, and White Roses.  The first two sequences are strongly influenced by Richard Wright.  The third sequence, White Roses, uses techniques I have learned from a variety of contemporary syllabic Haijin.


Poems of Place

The three collections in this book use both free and formal approaches.  pine and pond are haiku inspired free verse that depict the life of a small pond over the four seasons.  Tea Etheree are all written in the Etheree form and all focus on the topic of tea.  And Water Psalms are free verse explorations in a fantastic or dream mode, centered on the nature of water.


And as I previously posted, Safe Harbor is also available for $12.00.  The ISBN is 9781482551983.  Safe Harbor contains three collections: Cathedrals, a collection of Etheree; Scones, a collection of Fibonacci; and Safe Harbor, a collection in a form that I invented.

All of these titles may be purchased through Amazon or they may be ordered through your local bookstore.

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