Monday, October 19, 2015

A Ghazal for the Light

A Ghazal for the Light

Walking in the dawn, walking in the light,
The Presence of God hiding in the light.

She is alone, there’s no one left at home,
A journal she’s rereading in the light.

A cluster of trees swaying in the breeze,
Their fresh leaves are glittering in the light.

Outside in fresh snow a long time ago,
As a kid he was playing in the light.

The neighbor is gone the whole weekend long,
His dog’s constantly barking in the light.

A song that is new reminds me of you
And the way you’d be smiling in the light.

My friends have passed away and so today
I will be recollecting in the light.

My name is Jim, by a candle that’s dim,
At night you’ll find me praying in the light.


Leonard Dabydeen said...

Intriguing write. This gazal has a more vibrant interplay of man's social interplay "in the light" - tagging oneself, trees, snow, neighbour, friends, song. Enjoyable read.

Jim714 said...

Thanks, Leonard, for your kind comment. I am reading your latest collection of poems 'Searching For You', and enjoying it. Well done! I hope to review it soon.