Thursday, July 19, 2012


Dear Friends:

I had a wonderful vacation.  There were four days of celebration for my Dad and his twin's 90th birthday.  We visited places where my Dad grew up.  And one of my cousins produced a dvd that consisted of transfers of 16 mm film made in 1927 and 1928.  These were home movies of the twins and their sisters and various family friends.  Evidently these home movies had been taken, put in the can, placed in a box, and then forgotten for all these years.  Most of the home movies had disintegrated, but a few were still held together enough for the transfer to a modern medium.

I hope to start begin posting poetry again starting tomorrow.  The change of location seems to have opened my ear to my muse and I was able to write a lot.  Very gratifying.

Best wishes,



Unknown said...

Welcome home Jim! So glad your vacation and celebration with you father and all went well~ Susan

Jim714 said...

Thanks for the welcome. Feels good to be back. -- Jim