Friday, July 27, 2012

Someone Else's Backyard

The air is torrid
Even before the sunrise
On his morning walk

Past the High School soccer field
By the corner gas station

Gusts of cold north winds
Push the litter and the snow
Into restlessness

Where dreams of being pursued
Jolt her from chaotic sleep

On a green blanket
Full moon light thickens and swirls
In complete silence

He studies an old codex
And its words from long ago

Breaking through the snow
Crocus leaves and a few mice
In the fading cold

The professor has been told
That he won't receive tenure

Fall leaves look somber,
Pallbearers at the graveside
Of someone well loved

We can tell many stories
About days when we were young

While walking swiftly
Through someone else's backyard
Under a clear sky

Apple buds start to blossom
In the late afternoon light

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