Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Syllabic Haiku Day 2012

Syllabic Haiku Day!!!

It’s September 4th and that it makes it Syllabic Haiku Day.  What?  You didn’t know?

Well, it’s true.  Today is set aside to honor and express our appreciation for all those English language Haijin who have written, and continue to write, Haiku in 5-7-5. 

Things to do on this day:

Read some new collection of syllabic haiku.

Read an old standard, say Richard Wright or James Hackett or Edith Shiffert or the old anthology ‘Borrowed Water’.

Compose some syllabic Haiku of your own; what better way to express our appreciation?

If you have friends and want to celebrate, how about baking a Syllabic Haiku Cake?  What is a Syllabic Haiku Cake?  Glad you asked.  It works like this:  a cake of your choosing with seventeen candles.  The candles are arranged in three rows, mimicking the 5-7-5 of the syllabic count.  So each syllable becomes a candle on the cake.  Corny, I know.  But it could be fun.  Try it.

And then you can all sing:  “Happy Birthday Haiku . . .”  OK, that’s probably too much.

Enjoy the day.


yuanfields said...

syllabic mythos
cakes, candles and words
summer haijin nut

Jim714 said...

Thanks for the response. Maybe 2 more syllables in L2? Maybe something like:

syllabic mythos
cakes, burning candles and words
summer haijin nut

I like the way burning might modify both candles and words.

Or maybe:

syllabic mythos
cakes, candles and chosen words
summer haijin nut

Just tinkering.