Thursday, March 14, 2013

Etheree Taylor Armstrong Day: 2013, and an Announcement

This is the anniversary of the passing of Etheree Taylor Armstrong; February 13, 1918 to March 14, 1994.  It's a good day to write an Etheree.

And I am taking the day to announce my first published poetry collection.  Here at Shapign Words I have reviewed print-on-demand poetry publications because that is the arena where most of the syllabic poetry is being published these days. I have noted how print-on-demand has changed the dynamics of poetry publishing and how many poets have taken advantage of this.

I myself have refrained from this approach; mostly, I think, because I am kind of a techno-peasant.  I am easily intimidated by techno-demands.  But I have managed to overcome this and use the Create Space print-on-demand service to publish this first collection.

It is called Safe Harbor.  It contains three collections:

'Cathedrals' is a collection of my Etheree, which is the reason I have chosen to make the announcement today.

'Scones' is a collection of my Fibonacci.

'Safe Harbor', the last collection, brings together poems written in a form I created called '100 Friends'.

I brought these three forms together because all three of them have a similar way of unfolding.  All three of them start with very short lines and then slowly build to longer lines.  The pace of expansion differs, but the general contours are similar.  And so it felt fitting to bring them together under one volume.

You can purchase Safe Harbor from Amazon; the cost is $12.00.

This is a new phase for me.  Before I have put together small chapbooks; but I found towards the end of last year that I wanted to create larger works than the chapbook format would allow for.  This pushed me into using the print-on-demand technology.  I explored several options, but finally settled on Create Space.

Safe Harbor
By Jim Wilson
ISBN: 9781482551983

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