Monday, March 18, 2013



Darkness slowly fades
The crisp air of the morning
Daylight Savings Time

A few plum blossoms remain
After many days of rain

The fields of sown grain
A gift from heaven and earth
In the setting sun

After all the work is done
The harvest festival dance

A child's furtive glance
From underneath the table
He should be in bed

"I have decided instead
To look for another job."

She grabs the doorknob
But quickly changes her mind
And decides to stay

It seems there are many ways
Alternatives are not clear

The fresh snow adheres
To the kitchen window panes
While drying dishes

His mind wanders, he wishes
That their life was more secure

No one knows for sure
What tomorrow has in store --
Sounds on a warm night

The room, drenched in full moon light,
Windows open to the wind

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