Saturday, March 2, 2013

On Not Knowing

Once I believed in reincarnation.
I still think it's a possibility,
But in spite of my endless devotions
I have to admit, it's a mystery
As to what happens when we pass away.
I don't know what will happen tomorrow,
Or what is in store for later today,
And the next hour may be filled with sorrow
Or perhaps filled with laughter, who can say?
I don't know what my nightly dreams will bring
Or if a friend will call from far away
Or what melody my neighbor on her walk will sing . . .

So why should I know what will happen when I die
If an unexpected wind can catch me by surprise?


Ellen Etc said...

I got a chatty email this morning from a distant friend, and it was just like this -- unexpected pleasure, who knew?
Sadly (in my opinion), I don't expect to ever "know," in that if the self that craves knowing simply passes away, as I imagine it will, that self won't have the satisfaction of saying, "Oh, I was right," or "Oh, I was wrong." The certainties, and the longing for answers, may just gently pass on as well.

Dan Gurney said...


Jim714 said...

Ellen and Dan:
Thanks for your kind responses. I have found there is a kind of ease that comes with accepting not knowing.