Thursday, April 11, 2013


April afternoon;
A surprisngly cool wind
For this time of year

The gardens are holding back
Waiting for the earth to warm

He thinks about it.
He decides not to tell her.
What good would it do?

Only a short time ago
The whole area was farms

Rows of lemon trees
Blooming in the gentle wind,
Warm even at night

Her replacement doesn't show
So she takes a second shift

At the hospital
In the emergency room
They wait patiently

No one notices the moon
Full in the crisp and clear sky

He smiles tightly,
She spent a lot of money
At the hairdresser

Crowds gather at the new store
For its Grand Opening Sale

Even though it's cold
And even though it's snowing
It's still beautiful

A garland of emeralds
With semi-precious stones

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