Sunday, April 14, 2013


A slight breeze flutters
The new leaves of the oak tree
In the sunrise light

Two small cats run quickly past
The old apple tree in bloom

Behind the wood fence
Children playing hide 'n seek --
They can't stop laughing

While the clouds are drifting by
While the sun begins to set

Overhead she sees
A flock of ducks headed south
She wishes them well

Music from the flowing creek,
Water flowing over rocks

Cools the intense heat --
They need to wear sunglasses
Because of the glare

Holding hands they stop and stare
Into the future they'll share

In the living room
Of the condominium
Through the large window

Pours the yellow winter light
In the waning afternoon

On the downtown street
On the store window displays
On the curbside trees

The glow of the gibbous moon
A few hours before dawn

Silence in the air
The rooster has not yet crowed
Even dreams subside

In a room at the hospice
Grandfather breathes his last breath

Now it's hard to find
The grass covered forest path
No longer in use

Gathering dust on the shelf
The flute that's no longer played

A stranger whistles a tune
That he learned from his best friend

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