Thursday, April 18, 2013


The gray April sky
Following a night of rain
A windless morning

The early blooming iris
In the corner of the yard

Next to the garage
A shed for gardening tools
The door wide open

Letting in the evening heat
Letting in the full moon light

Into the office
Where she continues to work
Hoping for a raise

Numbering the flow of days
As the years become decades

It's not so easy
Lifting the heavy boxes
As when he was young

Piling up at the front door
Leaves of brown and red and gold

In the empty house
In the abandoned village
Ghosts in the mirror

Covered with crystals of ice
Branches sparkle in the sun

Through the woods the trail
Winds among the pines and ponds
The hearty hikers

Snapping pictures of the view
They want to remember

The days of their honeymoon
Will nourish them for years

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