Monday, April 29, 2013

Nick of Time

The branches are bent
Sagging with the weight of rain
From the gray May sky

A quiet Sunday morning
Lilies blooming in the garden

The neighbor's old dog
Checking out the neighborhood
On its daily round

Wind comes in from the ocean
Ev'ry afternoon at four

Dispelling the heat
That's built up during the day
The electric fan

Stirring the light of the moon
The fluttering white curtains

Department store sale
Forty to sixty percent
Off the listed price

As the kids return to school
The first brown leaves start to fall

On the roofs and lawns
On the sidewalks and the streets
By the doors and windows

Steadily the snow descends
All the trees are cotton white

She sits on the couch
A good time for the novel
Her friend suggested

"I saw the movie before,
But I liked the book better."

The noisy cafe
At the Doctor's suggestion
He gave up coffee

It's hard to know what to get,
People are so picky

She places the gift,
For their anniversary,
By the computer

It's larger than expected,
The tax return's arrival

In the nick of time
Just as the closing bell rings
The team makes a score

Above the sports field's night lights
Jupiter in slow motion

From clouds of galactic dust
A new star is being born

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