Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Cool Morning

A cool June morning
Even though it is summer
It still feels like spring

A crisp, clear, empty blue sky
Not even a bird flies by

It's a weekday, but
There's hardly any traffic;
Silence as absence

A Sagittarius wind
Briefly shakes the wooden gate

A cascade of leaves
Tumbles past the closed window
And the vase of roses

She pulls her knitted cap down
Over her ears and forehead

An indifferent dog
Sniffs its way through spilled garbage;
But it's just old clothes

He hopes his shoes will last through
The whole of a harsh winter

The rising full moon
Somehow seems malevolent
When one wants shadows

The last to leave the office
Locking the door behind them

A workplace romance
Since they are both unmarried
There is much laughter

They still like to tell stories
Of those days when they first met


Brian said...


You do solo renga well. The links here are exceptionally apt.

Jim714 said...

Thanks Brian. Renga is my favorite form; it's what drew me to poetry in the first place.