Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Rapid Sunrise

It's warm this morning
And the sun rose rapidly
In the cloudless sky

An airplane slowly descends,
Headed towards San Francisco

Where night revelries,
Beginning at 10 PM,
Spill into the street

As the full moon casts shadows
That never seem to stand still

Branches twist and turn
And the power lines snap and fall,
But there is no rain

"Do you think we can borrow
From your brother or sister?"

Where did the love go?,
Abandon is abandoned
To life's daily chores

Snow on Tuesday afternoon
Slowly blankets the driveway

"Be back for dinner,
And don't forget your mittens,"
Mom has her checklist

A cat howls, a beagle barks,
A flock of sparrows departs

In the small back yard
The blossoming cherry tree
Is suddenly pink

All the candles on the cake
For his sixty-fifth birthday

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