Thursday, June 14, 2012

Moon Song

Slanting sunlight rays
Filtered through the Douglas Fir
And the window blinds

Taking a vacation day
It's still light past 8 P.M.

Though dinner is done,
Conversaton continues
Into the long night

The song of the rising moon
Is heard in ev'ry dwelling

Frankincense burning
At the Orthodox altar
For Vespers Service

The presence of the divine
In ev'ry ripple of time

The cold of the day
Doesn't feel like a hindrance
When it's shared with friends

Walking slowly through the park
On paths that are familiar

His moments alone
Away from obligations
Without a cell phone

Blossoms of the apple tree
Grace the yard across the street

In her husband's eyes
She sees her own reflection,
Her best intentions

A home contains many realms,
There's no need to travel far

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